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Foxy Pirateware Open License

Foxy Pirateware Open License/Agreement 1.0

Copyright 2014 David H. Cooper @

Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.


1. “Product” refers to the entire entity of files distributed, the: logos, trademarks, executable files, media files, source code files and any additional content distributed unless otherwise stated by (4.) the “Owner”.

2. “Basic” refers to the basic and free version of the program - ALL the functional elements of the “Product”.

3. “Gold” refers to the commercial version of the program - ALL the alternative visual elements of the “Product”.

4. “Owner” refers to the person or company/corporation that the “Product” belongs.

5. “Freeness” refers to the availability of the “Product” without charge to anyone. However a service charge may be applied.

6. “Truely” refers to the statement of trueness, for example True Honour (Honour) as opposed to Japanese Honour. (Japanese honour may go further than just honour making it a False Honour)

7. “Streaming” refers to downloading or hosting files.

8. “Publish” refers to releasing the “Product” in any way, shape or form.

9. "Media Files" refers to images/animations/3D Models/sounds/music/etc.

10. “Sourcecode” refers to the *.cpp and *.h files located inside of the “Products” file directory.

11. “Freeware” refers to the same as (2.) “Freeness”

12. “Opensource” refers to availability of the source code of the “Product” with reference to allow modification and usually to release the “Product” for free whilst maintaining the open nature of the source code (in fairy).

13. “Shareware” refers to availability of the “Product” with restricted or compromised accessibility or availability.

14. “Pirateware” refers to almost the same as “Shareware” but no usability/functionality must be compromised or restricted in any way. The “Basic” version must be 100% usable in every way the “Gold” version is. Alternative graphics/themes to the “Basic” version are forbidden and restricted to the “Gold” version only.

15. “Gentlemen Clubs” refers to type of pyramid schemes, that rip off of the kindness of good people. (most notably those willing to do work for free (“Opensource” and “Freeware”)) This also seems to be a fundamental of the GNU GPL (To strip any protection, reliability and warranty from the “Product” and to allow people to twist peoples minds into believing in doing something for nothing whilst maintaining a central hub website that slowly draws in money).

16. “Localised Law System” refers to the law system of any country.

17. “Localised System” refers to any country.

18. Plural meanings with the above words/terms are the same, except they are plural (Just for the sake of completeness).


This Document is a new document and has not been used by any courts, however that does not invalidate this document. Breach it at the cost to your OWN life, Do Not listen to fools.

This Document is given explicitly for retention and protection of the "Product" as “Pirateware”.

Usage of the document, should be distributed with the "Product" itself along with a file named license.txt, for the required format visit “”.

David H. Cooper @ is the maintainer of this document. Questions/Requests/Problems can be forwarded to me @

Amendments/Version increments can be found at "" this document corresponds with the latest version. Which may be updated without notification but within the idealism of “Pirateware”.


“Pirateware” is almost the same as “Shareware” but no usability/functionality must be compromised or restricted in any way. The “Basic” version must be 100% usable in every way the “Gold” version is. Alternative graphics/themes to the “Basic” version are forbidden and restricted to the “Gold” version only.

I prohibit certain Usage/Extraction/Modification/Copying/Publication of any kind of the "Product" as listed in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS (IV.) section.

You have the right to “Publish”/modify/copy/extract information from the “Basic” version of the “Product” as long as you retain the "Freeness" of the “Product”. This is achieved by not allowing/permitting you to use External commercial libraries (for example Qt) along with this “Product”. This is to strongly encourage software developers not to create "Gentlemen clubs" and further prohibit the usage of this "Product".


Following is a simple, concise and easy to understand list of rules of cannots, musts and cans along with an overview section for more of a generalisation and bearing on the rules. This section refers to the Actual Terms and Conditions (meaning its the most important).

0. Overview

0.1. Anything that isnt mentioned in (1. or 2. or 3.). That is undefined is up to the license maintainer of this document to decide. Ask David H. Cooper aka Fobbix @ as mentioned above for assistance with dealing with the issue. Never just presume your in the right. Since there will be consequences if the license maintainer of this document decides your in the wrong as you will be in breach of this license/agreement.

0.2. Something that is in must, may not be in cannot. Remember you must adhere to every single rule.

0.3. Liability is something I think everyone should be held accountable for but only for a reasonable amount. Therefore there is implied liability but only for the program to perform somewhat as advertised, without viruses and without liability for the failings of ASM/hardware/Middleware developers (Any External Library) or Website database protection, etc; to comply there functionality without bugs or glitches.

0.4. If any of the regulations are outside of the range of “Localised Law System” then it is adjusted to nearest legal meaning and/or definition.

0.5. If any part of this license is not recognised by a “Localised Law System” then the remaining terms and conditions apply unless this license cannot operate as “Pirateware” in which case all software under license of “Pirateware” is restricted from any kind of usage WHAT SO EVER from that “Localised System”.

1. You CANNOT.

1.1. You must NOT “Publish” the ”Product” with the “Gold” features enabled in any way/shape or form without excessive permission from the “Owner” of the “Product”. Meaning signed contract.

1.2. You must NOT use paid/contract commercial libraries with/alongside the "Product" (examples.. Qt, Unreal Development Kit, Unity)

1.3. You must NOT charge for the source code in source code format for any source code you write/add-on to the "Product".

1.4. You must NOT compromise the accessibility or availability of functionality of the “Product” in any way.

1.5. You must NOT extract/copy/modify/”Publish”/etc in any way shape or form any of the “Gold” version's content unless you are the “Owner”.

2. You MUST.

2.1. You must seek out the latest edition of this document (As listed above in (II.)) and adhere this “Product” and latter “Product”s' to it.

2.2. You must adhere to (0.1) .

2.3. You must fully Understand English and Have Fully Read, and Fully Understood the terms of this license (Everything within this document).

2.4. You must apply the correct content in the “Products” license.txt which must be put into the correct place/folder/directory.

2.5 You must keep every intro logo screen (max 10 secs), logos and trademarks in the “Product” itself (also see 1.4).

2.5. You must keep the original “Title Name” intact, you may add-on your own little something that is also recommended. You must give credit to the original makers of this "Product". You do this by leaving/adding there name in the proper place which is within an additional header which lists all the names of contributors file itself and any place where creditations are given within the program. (For the header file /* Made by.. \n\n[Name][list/area]\n[Name][list/area]\n(etc) */ or more like..
Made by..
David H. Cooper aka Fobbix:     Graphics

The [list/area] section is very dynamic and can be used in any way except in an insulting manner or omitted completely.

3. You CAN

3.1. If you are the “Owner” of the “Product” you can “Publish” the “Gold” features of the product.

3.2. If you are the “Owner” of the “Product” you can include trademarks, logos, intro logo screens into the “Product”.

3.3. You can Re-“Publish” the "Product" without the “Gold” features included free of charge anywhere.

3.4. You can expand the “Product” almost without limitation expect you are restricted to not using libraries that are not “Freeware”. The “Product” of the source code must remain free to expand to where-ever it chooses to go (The original makers can copy/duplicate any functionality you add on).

3.5. If you are the “Owner” of the “Product” you can change/modify the “Title Name” extension.

3.6. You can omit “Title Name” extensions but must include the original “Title Name” in additional releases.

Applying this license to your products/programs.

To apply this license to your products/programs, like any license you will need a text file named license.txt in the same folder as the product/program/main executable or root directory or root to legal folder. The format given must be in  “”.


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