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C Programmers

I could do with the help of more C programmers with programming the TCP/IP elements of my computer game. Generally I would allow you to help regardless of your level although I wouldn't give you access to the complete source code and for the moment I don't utilise Git/GitHub so it would be quite arkward.

2D Artists & 3D Animationists

Graphic Artists are the main ones I'm interested in though since there is hardly any professional artwork done at the moment. Mainly I need both for: 2D Artists for menus and icons, and 3D Blenderheads for model creation.


Storyline Script Writers for a fun, comical, colourful and goth (black) themed game would be a massive bonus.


If your intrested in helping me then you can contact me on Skype - fobbix99 or on Voobly - Fobbix. I am not always on though as I live quite a busy life.

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