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My Aims

My end-goal is to develop my own fully-featured RTS computer game with my very own Game Machine.

First however I need to develop BambaMan which is a small-scale project aimed at being colourful, fun, comical and awesome. I am developing this game so when I am finished with it I can launch my own Games Development Company and Employ several highly skilled people. So in a way its a money spinner.

When I have finished my game I will go on to either create another 2D game or an Expansion pack for BambaMan depending on how successful BambaMan is and whether I can afford to just complete developing my RTS game.

I have many great game ideas so I will just go on and on developing computer games. However saying that computer hardware does need to be improved as does some things in the real world so those things I will aim to sort out aswell.
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