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Hello, my name is David H. Cooper (fobbix) and I am an ambitious 26 year old currently living on benefits. I want to work as a Lead Games Designer and run my own Games Development Company. I've been actively teaching myself how to program for 7+ years. I am very skilled at programming and have become familar to other areas surrounding games development. I have made strides to create my very own game machine (complete game engine) and a complex RTS computer game but without the resources and with a word with some business oriented people. The October before last I decided to start developing a small scale (still fully featured) computer game called BambaMan which is a game within the same Genre as BomberMan utilising the Allegro, (graphics/audio), Berkeley Sockets (TCP/IP Networking), Linux/Windows Generic Routines (Timers) Libraries and some of my very own base code (Token Scripting). After load of files each with thousands of lines of code and a semi-completed game design document. I've created and released 2 Alpha versions of the game for the Linux and Windows platforms. I am also actively going to college trying to improve my crappy drawing skills. Although I am very disappointed at the lack of resources (text books) and thus the lack of ability to actually effectively learn how to draw.
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